It's WET!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date: 21 July 2006 02:44:25

In Sydney, where of course it's SO useful .... the one part of the state that is NOT drought declared .....

I've just been across the Spit Bridge (yes, real name!) to our new office building [it's an old house so, technically, a building ... we're not THAT rich :)] to let the alarm guy in so he can get started on setting up our new security system .... so ... as I walked to the car - Deluge ... in the car, barely spitting ... out of the car at the car park - DELUGE ... in the building, no rain at all .. out to the car to haul boxes inside - DOWNPOUR OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS! .. back into the car to come back to work ... light rain ... out of the car to buy BroBoss lunch - DELUGE .... unbelievable!!! I think someone's having a good old laugh about it somewhere - thank Goodness I had my umbrella :) and my big thick soled shoes!

I don't mind rain normally, in fact I've been known to dance around in it ... but not when the rest of the state needs it desperately, the dam supplying Sydney with its water is down to 40%, and we've had so much rain that the pool is overflowing - time for it to go elsewhere I think!!!