of early morning alarums!

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Date: 17 August 2008 22:12:25

well, we went back to bed at 5:30am ... but i can't say we actually got much real sleep before we got up again at 6:45am ...

At 4:13am an alarm started sounding outside the house ... for about two seconds we thought it was next door ... the we realised than no, it was OUR LandRover!!!!

Mr Tasmania leapt out and did a nudey run (close your eyes) and raced outside, turns out his very expensive to replace electric car keys had gone through the wash with all his bike gear... we found the spares ... but turned out the first pair still worked (tough eh!) ...

Unfortunately starting the car did nothing ... so he took off (in his dressing gown and crocs by this time!) up the hill and away ... with the trailer still attached! I could hear the horn blaring constantly as he went around the twists and turns of the 6km drive up the mountain to the highway ....

It gradually diminished, and finally, while he was on the phone me, stopped ... hopefully for good.

So, it's parked across the road, to be taken in to the mechanics this morning, along with info I downloaded from the manual he has on the desktop.

ADventures, adventures, they never stop eh :)

Fortunately it happened now, rather than in three weeks time, when his parents are here 'dogsitting' while we're in NSW ... they're perfectly capable but it's not what you want to deal with at 4am on a cold winters night when you're in your mid 80's ... so, silver linings :)