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Date: 21 July 2006 04:20:41 Pants had a blog a little while ago about the joys of doing things on her own (sorry, slackness, have only just caught up) ....

I have to say I have never had a problem doing things by myself .... maybe being the big/only sister and living out of town? maybe having a very independent tomboy mum? maybe living by myself for a couple of years? I dunno ... things like going to the movies, shopping, having a coffee, having dinner in a restaurant, staying in a hotel, going to the loo! have just never been a problem solo .... I realise that it's against the girly code to go to the loo in a restaurant/pub etc by myself ... but I'm sorry, I don't need my hand held really ... mind you, I've no objections to moving in a pack I just don't HAVE to :)

That said, I'm hugely enjoying doing things as a couple :) ... except the loo thing, that's not a group participation activity.

When I saw "Pirates" the other day I went by myself ... and I actually think I was the only one in a fairly full cinema who was by themself ... but it doesn't bother me, I quite enjoyed it .... and I have no problem with people giving me funny looks, I just give them one back!

I guess it's a confidence thing ... I'm happy with me ... so I don't feel alone or lonely or left out or like a Barry* if I'm doing something by myself .. its' actually quite relaxing, soothing, calming ....

*Barry - 'Barry Bulk Buddies' ... also Neville No-Friends, Larry the Loser ... etc