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Date: 28 July 2006 04:28:32

so ... wedding ....

bridesmaids outfits have been changed ... still very similar and, oddly, the new top is quite close the original top I'd had in mind. I changed it as the first top was fully boned and I thought the girls might not like it that fitted ... but as it turns out, there were issues with busts(!) in the second top (or out of them, as the case would have been!) so we tried another top on for size ... and it looked AWESOME! So, I said to the girls would they rather that one 'cause I didn't mind, in fact I quite liked it .. and they were a bit shocked that I'd change my mind but they liked it too so that solved that :)

I have bought many decorations for the marquee ... just need to sit down with the dad and his plan (he's ALWAYS got a plan!) and work out what else is needed.

new office - is working well, still a bit of a mess as we put up cupboards sort out filing etc and don't even talk to me about the phone/internet/email situation (at this point we have a phone and we can email and access internet ... good enough!) ... but this place is GREAT and will be a blessing to us all I think.

weather - the rain has stopped ... at least for today ... and the sun is out - thank you JESUS!!!!!

Mr Tasmania ... is awesome :) ... he's been working on house plans - they are SO cool, it's gorgeous, I'm so excited I want to be building it NOW ... hopefully the next 141 sleeps (20.14 weeks) will go really quickly!