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Date: 04 August 2006 00:10:28

I'm very tired this morning ... went to the BroBoss's to do the invites and was there until late ... not working on the invites though, hanging out with the ChileGirl while the BroBoss had a meeting, then having dinner, THEN doing the invites ... which took a massive amount of time, all of 1 hour 40 mins :)

I must admit the ChileGirl and I had had a preliminary discussion or two ... which allowed me to completely change my mind on what I wanted :) ... and I did have the card stock already chosen (advantages of working in a design studio) ... AND they're not very elaborate ... clean and simple .... but I think that's really not a bad effort!

Mr Tasmania saw them via email this morning and likes so that's great too .... I don't want you to think he's being left out of this process, if anything he's probably getting sick of me asking his opinion on everything :) ... but I refuse to be a Bridezilla and make all the decisions as if he doesn't exist ... after all, it's a partnership we're entering into!