of planting

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Date: 18 August 2008 09:18:42

and yet another blue sky day! toooooo nice!!!!

So, today I have planted out a coastal rosemary which I have had in a glass on my kitchen bench for about three months. I originally just picked it 'cause it was flowering, then realised it had grown roots .. it's a creeping form, which will be very nice trailing down the daisy bank at the shack and then, once this one has grown big enough to strike from, over the large boulder bank at the block.

I also planted out a punnet of seaside daisies (erigeron), and seeds of the following in pots (to be planted into the garden later): C*ntinental Parsley, Sunfl*wer Sun King and Prad* Red, Gazani* Giant Mixed, Pumpk1n Buttercup, Bush Be*n Violet Queen, Heartse*se, N*sturtium Jewel Mix, Mexican Cucumb*r, Cucumb*r Long Green, and P*ppy Iceland Mixed Colours. Whew!

Hopefully they'll all come up :)

I want to plant zucchini, a few types of tomato, and lots of basil, as well as some rhubarb, over the next few weeks.