I *heart* My Blog Too - And Yours!

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Date: 30 October 2008 10:19:35

I have ksnitched this from deeleea :) 'cause I like 'em :)

This is apparently a one-word meme. Those of you who know me in person (and probably those who read this!) will know how likely that is ;)

Where is your mobile phone? In my gorgeous pale green fake croc LARGE handbag

Where is your significant other? Lying on the couch

Your hair colour? Technically medium brown ... at present dark bright red with gold streaks

Your mother? Very funky and wise, teaching swimming at present

Your father? Also very funky and wise - it's SO good to have a dad who had four older sisters - he gets things he doesn't even know he gets!

Your favourite thing? My husband! It might sound cheesy but it took me 35 years to find him and he's DEFINITELY my favourite thing!

Your dream last night? I never remember - but I do dream in colour

Your dream goal? Building the house

The room you're in? Living / Dining / Office

Your hobby? Gardening

Your fear? Normally pretty much nothing, generally something happening to members of my family

Where do you want to be in six years? Living in my finished house, probably in a job that gives me a little more creative satisfaction

Where were you last night? Here :)

What you're not? Quiet

One of your wish-list items? A holiday in Europe

Where you grew up? Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia (that's Town, State, and Country for those who don't know)

The last thing you did? Put a carrot cake in the oven

What are you wearing? Gardening jeans, t-shirt and overshirt

Your TV? Is large but not flatscreen or plasma - still perfectly good though!

Your pets? JD the large blue heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) and Vespa the Absent Abysinnian (he lives with my parents)

Your computer? Is my husband's

Your mood? Relaxed

Missing someone? Family

Your car? A fabulous Starlet Life, why don't they still make them, it's awesome!

Something you're not wearing? Shoes

Favourite shop? Today ... Angus & R*bertson bookshop

Your summer? Trying not to get sunburnt

Love someone? Oh yeah!

Your favourite colour? Green

When is the last time you laughed? This evening

Last time you cried? Can't remember

To Tag... Ian! Jack .... and Smudgie :)