Of earrings and Census (Censusus? Censii? Census's?)

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Date: 08 August 2006 01:59:21

I looooove filling in forms ... seriously ... I get a great deal of satisfaction from a properly filled in form ... I think it's a tiny bit sad ... but hey, I also love shopping for shoes, hardware and books, so don't try to categorise me :)

I just commented on Orthodox Ian's site re the changes that have happened since I last filled in the Census (5 years ago) ... at that time I was living by myself, in a different suburb, in a different job, had a different car, and was single .... now I share a house with 5 girls, work for my brother, have a new car (thanks parp!), and am engaged ... which leads to the next Census in 5 years, when I will have moved to Tasmania, be married (actually, those will be in the opposite order but you get what I mean!) ... and will probably still be driving the same small car (known by Mr Tasmania as the half car) but will also be driving a rather larger 4WD type vehicle .. and (hopefully) will have built a house and be living in that on acreage .... BIG changes in a short period :)

I'm looking back on the changes from 30 - 35 .... I once used a site called futureme.org to write myself a letter and have it delivered ... maybe it's something to do again, to write to your future self and see where you are and how things have changed ... personal anthropology and psychoanalysis maybe?

On another note ... i laybyed (lay-away for non-Aussies) a pair of earrings on Saturday ... very very expensive diamond earrings for the wedding ... they were gorgeous and just right ... but I cancelled it this morning .... I woke up and decided to do it and felt so relaxed immediately so it's the right thing to do .... and I KNOW I can find something very similar ... and that won't cost $1800 .... so, beautiful as they were, I'd rather put that money towards my honeymoon, wedding, moving expenses, a new pair of walking sneakers etc .... I think sentimental compulsive Miss Lisa overtook practical rational Miss Lisa for a moment (which she does quite often actually) ... but sensible is back in control now :)

ah, but they were lovely