Online shopping

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Date: 09 August 2006 23:44:00

I have entered the world of *bay ... and I like it!

I have to be careful not to go nuts ... but so far, wedding-wise, instead of spending $90 on 2 particular items I have spent $32.98 .... I am WELL in front :)

Hopefully another item, which I have seen in shops for $80 - $100 will be mine later today for approximately $18 ....

I'm still learning, getting the hang of it ... I'm sure I will make completely stupid bids at some point and probably be massively outbid by someone because I dont' check often enough ... but that's okay :)

PS Only 1 sleep until I see my boy! The North Shore Shuttle to the airport will pick me up at 4:15am sharp tomorrow morning (yikes) and then it's a 6am flight to Tasmania ... Mr Tasmania will be working so I will spend the morning with his parents but that will be nice too actually, we haven't really spent that much time together, let alone just us, so it will be good ...

Unfortunately I have to come back Sunday night BUT then it's only 4 weeks until he's in Sydney for a fortnight - hooray!