Of Tasmania and aeroplanes

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Date: 14 August 2006 06:36:20

well, I'm back, after a FABULOUS weekend in Tassie with my beautiful boy ... gushy gushy gushy, but I can't help it, he's gorgeous :)

I took a HUGE suitcase full of clothes I'm not going to be wearing for the rest of the year, plus coathangers and handbags and various bits and bobs - it weighed in at 17.7kg, amazing, i was sure I'd be over the 20kg limit! Left the bag there and came back with a tiny rollerbag ... why bring the bag back when it only has to go down again?

It was a beautiful weekend, nice and casual, I spent time with his parents which was lovely, and with friends who have been incredibly welcoming and accepting (probably not always the case in relationships I'd imagine!) and we had a good time pottering about and doing domestic things. WE spent time at the land where we'll be building and it's gorgeous too ... I'm still a little amazed at the blessing I've received with this man ...

Straight back into work and wedding stuff once I hit the ground in Sydney ... received the first of the *bay ordered items today, and it's great :) ... have been discussing alternate shoes with The Amazon and The ChiliGirl ... and a bridal shower of some sort, as well as Mr Tasmania's NSW boys night out (he gets two, lucky duck!) ... my calendar is just chockers!

ah well, don't mistake me, I'm not whinging :), there's a big smile on my face! I"m just very very reliant on lists and my diary at present ... and family are getting used to short emails, short messages etc from, 'cause if I don't act on it when I think of it I forget it! I'm sure all preparing brides understand :)