Of dentists and bad memories

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Date: 16 August 2006 04:27:36

I've just been to the dentist. It wasn't that bad, just a cleaning ... but I do have to go back in a week to have a loose filling redone - bum! Ah well, at least it's free (courtesy of the health fund) ...

I'm not really traumatised by going to the dentist but, having had braces, root canal, and wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic, all before I was 18, it's just not my favourite place to be. Even when the dentist is nice. And my dentist is nice, I will miss her when i move to Tassie!

Unfortunately my health fund does not operate in Tasmania so I can't even save visits up for when I come to Sydney, I will have to try out someone new!

One more adventure to add to the list :)

The bad memory part is not actually related to the dentist .. it's just that I have one at the moment. I read somewhere once that the brain can only hold 7 things at a time and if you add one more thing then something disappears at random .... at the moment if it's not written down it doesn't happen ... unfortunately the job I had to do after the dentist is written down but I left the note on my desk ....