Of cool dads and funky old cars

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Date: 16 August 2006 06:07:43

My dad is very cute, we've just had a repeat of the conversation we had 6 weeks ago, possibly almost word for word, deciding what cars to have for the wedding, how many, and who would be driving what ... very funny :)

As it turns out, he's had a rush of blood to the head, and has been talking to some members of the vintage car club ... one of whom has his cars licenced for weddings! So dad and I are now arriving (and Mr Tasmania and I are leaving) at the church in a 1927 black and silver Rolls Royce! How cool is that!

I love ye olde cars ... that's why I love the idea of a Morgan I think ... not that I'm ever going to own one, couldn't justify it, ever, but they're gorgeous ... definitely far too much Agatha Christie and Capt W E John's in this girls reading background!

Not quite sure what we're doing for the other cars yet but it's progressing! very very cool :)