Of wedding cars and envelopes

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Date: 17 August 2006 00:20:53

Alice, it sounds intriguing - blog early to tell us what the surprise was! (see comments)

We are looking at a wide wide range of cars for this wedding - currently 1927 Rolls Royce (definite), 1974 twin cab fully restored Kombi ute (probably), ... and who knows what else!

And the envelopes for the invites arrived in the office yesterday arvo - we only ordered them yesterday morning! I have to pay for them yet but they're at home in the loungeroom .. and I'm going to start addressing them tomorrow night (and stamping them) .... just to get a jump on it, then when the invites come all I will have to do is write names on, stick 'em in the envelopes, put on the little sealy sticker thing, and post the suckers!

We were smart (for a change!) and ordered 'Peel and Seal' ... one rip, one fold, and they're stuck! I do love sensible things like that :)