Of bridal flowers and tomboy mums

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Date: 18 August 2006 02:16:56

i'm heading off tomorrow am to 'do' the organisation of the wedding flowers, taking mum and The Amazon (plus The Marshall and The Deputy I'd imagine - should be entertaining!)

Luckily the place we're doing the flowers with (probably) is owned by The Amazon's sister and brother-in-law so we should get a family deal - hooray! (especially as the main flower in my bouquet is not cheap)

They're also very well known as incredibly creative floral artists, they do FABULOUS arrangements, just so good, so they will do right by me which is great :) and a big relief too!

My mum is quite the tomboy, never happier than when outside burning things, or doing stuff in the paddocks, or hanging out with the boys ... which is not to say she doesn't have her girly side, she's an excellent cook, very very creative, plays piano, and does up a treat ... but given her 'druthers' she'd rather be outside with the boys from the rural fire brigade than inside with the ladies from the scrapbooking club (must admit, i tend a bit that way myself!).

Anyway ... I'm asking her to everything bridal :) as it comes up (would be inviting Mr Tasmania's mum too except for a small item of distance!) ... and she's coming to do the flowers which is great. She's also going to come up when I take the dress for the alterations - very good 'cause as you might remember I chose the 3rd dress I tried on whilst on a recon mission ... no bridesmaids, no mum, no mates, no no-one just me! so she's only seen it in a fairly small photo taken by my camera phone ('cause of course the digital camera chose that day to die didn't it!). anyway ... she was laughing today 'cause I'm making sure she's involved in everything and she really would not be at all offended if I didn't ask at all ... unlike my oldest friends mum, who (assuming she ever gets married) will drive The Whirlwind MENTAL!

gotta love The Party on Legs, she's a legend mum!