Of Turkish food and much talking ... and wedding flowers and shoes ...

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Date: 20 August 2006 23:24:52

well yes, it was Deeleea, Ian and I, so I guess the food and talking part is basically a given!

BUT there's talking and food and talking and food, and this was good talking and good food :) ... As Deeleea has already noted, the Mado Cafe in Auburn is FABULOUS ... I had the cucumber/yogurt dip with beautiful Turkish bread ... and then a type of pasta wrapped around morsels of lamb with a yogurt and garlic sauce covered in paprika oil - beautiful! And I must say I'd go back just for the sour cherry ice cream :) ... as you can tell I completely ignored the fact that one of my eating partners was on a fast which involved no dairy and no bread ;) ... but she's a tough chick, she copes :)

It was a little excursion to a more ethnically diverse area of Sydney, and a good reminder that all is not good old Anglo Northern Beaches ... being not so much of the Anglo myself, I quite like it (not that you could tell to look at me, I look like a full-on Celt!)

On the Saturday I picked up mum from The ChiliGirl's place and drove up to a large flower market in Terrey Hills ... The Amazon met us there, sans kiddies, and we did the 'flower' thing for the wedding. The flower market is owned by The Amazon's sister and brother-in-law so it's nice to keep it all in the family! So, flowers for me, the bridesmaids, corsages for 'the mums', small boutonniers for 'the dads', slightly larger ones for Mr Tasmania and his boys ... and they will be gorgeous!

We're only having 4 arrangements in the church, so I'm going to go to the Sydney Flower Markets VERY early on the day before the wedding and gather up enormous armfuls of whatever takes my fancy. The ladies of the church we are having the wedding in are very happy to do the flowers on the Friday, which is great ... works for me, I was on that flower roster for YEARS!

Picked up one set of shoes for one bridesmaid ... they're just as good in real life as they looked online, so very very happy with them!