Of envelopes and lots of writing

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Date: 21 August 2006 23:43:34

Started writing the envelopes for the invitations last night ... the invites won't get to me until Friday or Monday but as I have the envelopes I thought I'd get the addressing and stamping out of the way ....

There's not that many of them, but i have to be NEAT ... truamatic! Anyway, parents address on the back of all the envelopes, I did half my guests last night and finished them off this morning, Mr Tasmania's will get done tonight. Then I'll stick stamps on them (sorting out the OS guests as I go), put the bridal registry cards in, and then we're all set for when I get the invites. I'm tossing up whether to do a little map of the route from the church to the house ... I will I think, as even though it's really straightforward (seriously, you come out of the church, turn left ... drive .... go over the freeway ... drive ... and turn right ... then right into the farm ... BUT ... ) ... I'd hate people to end up in Nowra or doing laps of Berrima - not that they're bad places, just not where they need to be!

It's an interesting exercise organising a guest list ... at least we haven't had arguments, which is a great thing, I'm just a tiny bit frustrated that I can't invite everyone I'd like to ... but there is a limit and we're not millionaires ... and my parents aren't either darn it ... so there are friends I'd love to invite that just won't be able to be invited, and most of my first cousins aren't being invited, let alone their kids [I know, who invites 2nd cousins? Well, in our woggy lot, you do! If you can. And I know a lot of mine too ... but, well, you do what you can:)] I'm inviting 5 of my 14 first cousins .. I think that's a good representative number! Especially when you consider there are 7 great aunts/uncles on the list - not 'have to's' either, I want them there :) ... and various godparents, family friends and all sorts of things.

I guess this is all not news to those who've done it ... but it does involve alot of thinking. One friend has been on the list and off it about six times ... she's finally made it back on ... and no Deeleea, it's not who you probably think it is :) ...

One blessing is that my housemates piped up early and said not to invite 'partners' of any sort for them 'cause who knew who they'd be going out with and if they'd still be going out with them ... and if I knew them anyway! So I just took that and ran with it!

Anyway ... nearly ticked off, one more thing!