Of envelopes (again) and WISE packages!

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Date: 23 August 2006 06:09:40

Envelopes ... still going, didn't do any last night as had a bit of a packing burn on :) and got a lot sorted out and packed and taped and labelled and put in the garage ... did more envelopes this morning and made the happy discovery that they have lines within the manufacture which run horizontally across the envelope ... at perfect distances for addressing! Hooray!

I do envelopes all the time, so didn't bother getting stamps or anything for return addresses, but my ability to stay on the line is quite random, not least because I basically turn the paper so the top is almost running vertically at the left (I'm right handed) so it appears as if I'm writing upwards not across rightwards ... I don't know why I started writing like this, probably because when writing essays etc I tend to end up leaning my cheek on my left hand so if the paper is like that I can still read it ... I have no idea really ...

anyhoo, the lines are great!

AND ... drum roll ... I received my WISE package! Thanks oh mysterious person (I do know who it is ... do you want to know? Or should I make you trawl through all the blogs to see who has a comment from me saying thank you? .... hmmm ....)

Lovely lovely books all the way from Wales - never had anything from Wales before - very cool.

So, I received three books and a lovely postcard showing the Caerleon Arts Festival (Gwyl Gelf Caerllion) www.caerleon-arts.org ... lovely hills in the backgroundk, lots of very relaxed looking people wandering about checking out large wooden objects and tents with sculptures and things outside them. What appears to be a large wooden head is being lowered into an enclosure by crane ... it's great! Dated 11/08/06, posted 18/08/06 [they mail like I do - eventually :)], and received 23/08/06 ... not bad!

Three books:

1) A 'movie' edition of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe - I have a copy of this in a hardback version (a trilogy in 5 parts, as it were) but, as anyone who knows my bookcases will tell you, I am a book nerd and have quite a few different copies of the same title ie 3 copies of Lord of the Rings, 2 copies of The Hobbit (one in Italian!), 2 copies of Agatha Christies 10 Little Indians (the other copy has the politically incorrect title 10 Little N**g**s ... historical value eh!), 3 copies (2 paperback with different covers, one hardback) of Prince Caspian .... kinda weird probably but I don't care I like 'em! And I like this book too!

2) Last Human by Doug Naylor - A Red Dwarf book ... I am SUCH a fan, it's getting fairly well known in Oz now, about due for a repeat on the ABC I reckon, but I've been a fan since they first started showing it about 10 years ago :) Love it!

3) Demons of the Deep - a Choose Your Own Adventure which my WISE buddy hastens to tell me is 'not dodgy' :) ... it's a choose your own adventure involving me and the dread pirate Captain Bloodaxe, terror of the seas! Will I survive? who knows, but it'll be fun anyway ... wonder if he looks like Johnny Depp? (sorry Mr Tasmania, no reflection on you! and I wouldn't trade you in for him because you're much much better and more gorgeous - but he is cute!)

So, a lovely package and a big post! Fun all round :)