of painting and solar power

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Date: 23 August 2008 10:23:18

a gorgeous sunny day today, started out with a frost which froze the water in the buckets outside but got up to 18C while we were working at the block - beautiful! I weeded while Mr Tasmania mowed, and JD played with his brand new bright yellow tennis ball and ran around after the ride on lawnmower.

Mrs Claus and The Punter turned up just before we left, with scones and coffee - lifesavers!

While Mr Tasmania went to buy a trolley jack I went across to the paint showroom opposite and played some more with the paint machine - it's so cool, all the paint chips have barcodes, you whip them into the machine, choose which colour you're playing with, it gives you internal or external paint options, then two different combinations of three paint colours, which you then print out - excellent fun!

I'm working on bathroom colours at the moment, trying to work out firstly what colours we'd like our bathroom, then what combinations of those colours we'd like .... not as easy as it sounds! Seriously, in the 'white and neutral section' there are 50 or 60 different colours ... and if you saw all the whites individually you'd say they were all white! You'd think I'd know, having worked in a Graphic Design studio for three years, but no ... until you start doing it you just don't understand. At least we know we want LARGE tiles on the walls and floor ... not quite sure if we want square or rectangular yet, guess that will come when we start looking at actual tiles ... for now, it's colours!

I've also just enrolled us in a 5 hour adult education course at the Uni, to be held in October, on going solar in the home ie putting on solar power and all it's ramifications, benefits, drawbacks etc. It's a 5 hour course and should be very interesting (I hope!). We've pretty much decided to go electric boost solar hot water .. but solar anything else? Not sure if it's practical OR possible cash wise ... hopefully this course will help us to make the decisions.