Of busy offices and cute nephews and car crashes

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Date: 28 August 2006 03:04:57

no, not mine, my car is intact ... but, due to a breakdown and a crash at various important points in my drive from the country to the city this morning, a 1.5 hour trip took 3 .... but luckily I had a good restful weekend in the country, even with the running around after said nephew, I talked to my sweetie (twice!), and talkback radio was GOOD! ... So quite a restful trip regardless :)

The office is flat chat today but we're getting through it ... I can't believe both designers have asked if they can leave early tomorrow though - not quite got their heads around things obviously - but I have explained to them both that it depends on the workflow ... hopefully it will mean that they work like maniacs today and tomorrow morning so they get everything done and they can legitimately go :) ... method in the madness!

Only 15 sleeps until I see my sweetie - for 12 whole days ... and only 110 sleeps until we're married - that's less than 1/3 of a year! Actually only just over a quarter - how good is that! (works out at about 16 weeks .... phew!)

Lots to do, lots to do, lots to do! But I should have my flat basically packed up by this weekend :) hooray!