Of tension headaches, Fiji Holidays, and the end of the week!

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Date: 29 August 2006 08:08:27

Tension Headache - not mine, one of our designers ... who ended up in hospital! Poor thing, she's home now but is supposed to be leaving tonight for three days skiing - can't see it happening but who knows? She doesn't take care of herself very well .... Budgie Girl has stepped up to the plate massively today though, working through her own massive deadline job to jump in on the enormously huge deadline job China Girl was working on ... BroBoss is going to walk into the office and get both jobs chucked in his lap as soon as he hits the place, which he will be THRILLED about but hey, you own a business and you go on hols, you just have to put up with what hits you in the face when you walk in the door - there's a lot to be said for NOT owning your own business :)

And they had a great time in Fiji, apparently have the 'red tan' ie even 30spf sunscreen is not enough, but loved every second of it.

I'm hanging for the end of the week ... got a lot done today, surprised myself, and am staying back as I'm on a roll and if I get caught up on what I'm doing now the rest of my week will be just that much better ... I'd love to go for a swim but that can wait until tomorrow ...

Thank goodness I can just dump it on God ... he can have the broad shoulders, I'll just do the work :) ... I'm feeling pretty good but will be glad when this is over .... and that feeling good is also not least due to Mr Tasmania, who is a ROCK, and looks after me ... I'm not used to it really, my parents and family look out for me but they've got their own things going on ... it's so good to have someone who worries about me ... and who I worry about in return! I LOVE IT!!! [and him :), he's such a catch, I'm completely blessed!]