Of moving and Fathers Day and gorgeous boys

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Date: 30 August 2006 23:09:40

of course there is only ONE gorgeous boy :) ... and you all know who he is! I love you Mr Tasmania!!!!

And thank you to the readers, I've passed 400 visitors this month :) wow, that's pretty amazing! I know quite a few of them land here by accident looking for weird combinations of high heels and something else (see post previous) (!) but hey, welcome aboard anyway!

I'm still packing (and sorting and chucking out, that's why it's taking so long!) ... I dismantled one of my dining tables yesterday night and took it all down to the garage to add to the pile of stuff. The other table will go to mum and dad's. yes I have two dining tables ... you have to remember I've basically been living out of home since I was 18, and I'm almost 36 now, so half my life really .... and I have had NO intention of living like a student whilst in rental accommodation - it's my living space, my escape, my sanctuary from mad Sydney (or wherever) and I want it to be 'home', not just 'digs' - so there's a lot of stuff. When I bought my big entertainment unit 3 years ago I contemplated a cheapy from Freedom which was lovely ... but found the one I've got, which is perfect, and a lot bigger .... I bought it because I thought one day I will have my own house and why not buy the furniture I want to put into that house?


FAthers Day this weekend ... my dad is hilarious to buy for .. it goes like this (nearly every year) ...
Me: 'what do you want for fathers day dad, give me some ideas?'
Superdad: 'oh nothing'
Me: 'come on dad, surely you've been lusting after something?'
Superdad: 'you can buy me some socks?'

helpful isn't he :)

anyway ... I'm going shopping tonight - he will not be getting socks!