Of little fires and windy days and yet more packing

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Date: 03 September 2006 23:02:24

The parents made it home after going to THREE fires :) .. only a couple of hours though ... the first one was a pile of magazines and books which some bright spark (hee hee) had shoved down a wombat hole, dropped a dead wattle tree on and lit on saturday night ... then left .... and the gale force winds came. Probably a weekend warrior down on the property for the day then back to Sydney ... anyway, into the long grass it flew and away it went. Mum said it had followed the track of the tall grass, not the lower stuff, so there were weird trails of fire all over the paddocks, not a large expanse of burnt out ground ... luckily it could only go down from the top of the hill not up so it was moving slowly and was easily dealt with.

then off to check a burnoff the brigade had been doing the day before.

then off to the old quarries to join the rest of the brigage plus two larger ones to help bring a clearance burn back into line ... honestly, who on earth would go out on the windiest day we've had so far this year and think 'hmm, think I'll clear this paddock' ... what a nong!

and yes, it's still windy - but nice, not blow you off your feet like yesterday :)

and I'm still packing ... it's very slow at the moment as I'm trying to fit awkward things into rectangular crates and square boxes ... if I could shove one thing a box I'd be set but that would mean the number of boxes would hit the hundreds very rapidly! Possibly not very efficient :)

And on the Tasmania countdown .... 103 sleeps or just under 15 weeks until I get married .... 8 sleeps until my boy flies in for 12 whole days!!!! .... 19 sleeps until I move out and start house sitting .... 101 sleeps until I finish my job .... and all of that adds up to ......

112 shopping days until Christmas!!!!!!!!