Of nongs and drongos and having a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock ...

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Date: 05 September 2006 00:01:20

just for Dith :) (see comments)

Drongo is actually one of my favourites .... also, saying someone is as mad as a cut snake .. though I'm not too sure if that's completely Oz in origin ....

I'm sure some of our expressions must seem completely insane to the uninitiated ... so if anyone wants to know what a particular Ozzie phrase means, just ask ... I'm sure if I don't know Deeleea, Orthodox Ian, Thoughtful James, Super Semele, Amazing Yay, Utterly Floorless, or the Quiet Hermit (sorry if I've left anyone out!) will know! Or at least we can make up something good!!!

I'm still packing ... how do you pack a tent, a vase, a box of photo negatives, some casserole dishes, a door snake, some photo albums, and a tool kit all into one box? With a great deal of difficulty, a certain amount of swearing, and much tape!