of lights

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Date: 26 August 2008 11:38:24

no, not 'the light', light FITTINGS.

I"m a bit tired because we started looking at lighting websites last night ... bad move, very bad move!

I went and looked in a lighting shop in Burnie today ... and (in the spirit of finding your wedding dress in the third one you try on) I think I may have found the light fitting I want as the pendant light (three of) to hang over our kitchen island bench ... and it was the first one I looked at in the shop.

Not SCARILY expensive, not particularly cheap ... but now I've got the name and the shape I'll hopefully have some luck finding it cheaper online ... and once I download and print off a colour shot of it that I took with my trusty little camera, I may even have some luck in getting a cheaper one in another lighting shop ... I'm fairly sure I'll be looking at quite a few between now and the end of the year!