Of packing and rain

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Date: 07 September 2006 05:25:19

nearly finished the big stuff, just got to wrap and pack properly some pictures and mirrors. all that remains is cleaning, moving fridges, bringing dryer upstairs, and sorting out clothes for Mr Tasmania to take back with him, clothes for me to take down in October, and clothes for me to keep for summer and the honeymoon ... he is going to look great with a bag full of my 3 and 4 inch heels :) ...

I would have said it was an easy decision to give him all my jumpers etc to take back as I won't need them ... last week when it as 28C BUT today it's about 16C ... and rainstorms, snow in the blue mountains etc etc ... so I might hold on to one or two!

but at least it's raining in the catchment and the parents have had 21mm so far ... rain is SO much better than watering!