Of random thoughts and events

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Date: 08 September 2006 07:12:34


- the sun is out - yay
- there are clouds - not so yay, would be more yay if they were elsewhere ie a little bit west and a little bit south (over the dam! or the catchment area! where it would be useful)
- the broboss has taken off early, which means that i can't use the accounts system. I could be filing or tidying or packing (we're moving again, did I mention that?) but I'm blogging and surfing instead
- he has taken off early as he and family are heading down to the farm for the weekend - he was given a hot circuit at oran park raceway (I think) for his birthday and is using it tomorrow ... wife has to come ... child stays with grandparents and has a good day without being deafened
- i am getting married in 99 sleeps!
- i'm just a little bit excited about that ...
- Mr Tasmania is now officially on holidays and manfully not rubbing it in ... he's flying up here on Tuesday night
- I've nearly packed all my gear ... now i have to clean
- two Aussie icons have died this week ... Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) and, it was just confirmed on the radio, Peter Brock, one of our best known race car drivers - killed in an accident involving his car and a tree in the Western Australian Targa Rally ...
- interesting times ....