of sunshine and new shoes and crocodiles and cars

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Date: 13 September 2006 06:16:04

yes, the sun is shining,hooray! My boy is here, hooray! I'm at work and he's ... out playing golf! I still have to say hooray, he's had a long hard winter school term and deserves a good holiday! and I've got Friday/Monday/Tuesday off, so shouldn't complain too much :)

I have new shoes ... not high heels but they do have full bore instep support - yes, I've bought my first pair of Birkenstocks! In preparation for much walking during our trip to the UK in May/June 2007 (for a Jane Eyre'ish wedding in Somerset!) I have decided that I need well broken in walking shoes ... and my mum and the amazon swear by them so thought I'd give them a go ... anyone else like 'em? They're good so far, just walked from Neutral Bay in them (approx 1 km) and feel good at the end.

We lost two great Aussies in freak accidents in the last week, at least one of whom will be known to those in the UK and US:
Crocodiles - Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter and Peter Brock, King of the Mountain, race car driver.

Love him or hate him Steve Irwin had an impact ... i must admit to rolling my eyes on occasion but he was what he was ... and his enthusiasm and commitment to the environment were most definitely just him, not a show. I've been really disappointed in reading some comments from people who are upset that others may think that all Aussies say crikey, wear khaki, and speak in such a broad accent ... well ... a hell of lot of Aussies do say crikey and strewth, and do have a really broad accent - not so many wear khaki ALL the time ;) - interesting to note that most of the people who have had comments to make about 'how we are perceived outside Australia' live in the city ....

not that I'm trying to start a city country debate ... just that it's interesting ....

Mind you, Germaine Greer ... honestly, can I just put up my hand here and say that we've disowned her? What a nasty disappointed miserable woman she is ... it must be horrible to have been so intelligent and well thought of and radical and have taken that reputation and moved to England and turned into an irrelevant nasty old raver ... sure, have an opinion .. but remember that the man has a grieving wife and two young children and you are a person who's opinion will be broadcast often enough to cause them further pain and grief - just plain nasty!

And Peter Brock, killed in a freak car accident - maybe not so well known outside Australia unless you're into cars ... but a tragic end for an amazing driver and a well known Australian.