Of surprises and gorgeous fiances

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Date: 20 September 2006 23:35:26

So, Tuesday night I had a little meltdown .. no yelling, no screaming, just the stresses of the last few months catching up with me. Mr Tasmania was an absolute rock, I was so glad he was there.

Off to work on Wednesday, got it all out of my system and the world is a rosier place ... but what does my gorgeous boy do?

Texts me in the afternoon to say we're going out on a date! A mystery date!

Picks me up and there are beautiful tulips waiting in the car.

Drives us down to Manly to the WockBar, one of my favourite restaurants, and we had a beautiful dinner.

We walked down to the ferry wharf, stopping for an icecream at Copenhagen Icecreams on the way (Midnight cookie + strawberry for him, cookies and cream for me, in waffle cones of course!), then onto the ferry and across to the city.

We walked around Circular Quay to The Rocks, checking out the giant cruise ship "The World" on the way .... looking at the restaurants, the MCA, The Bounty replica moored near Doyles Fish Restaurant, the Park Hyatt (what a view!) ... and all the while it's a beautiful balmy perfect Sydney Harbour night, with the seagulls flashing in and out of the lights above the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

We walked back around to the Opera House, and sat on a chair and just watched the harbour for a little while.

Then back to the ferry and across to Manly.

Such a beautiful beautiful evening, and a gorgeous boy. How blessed am I!