Of delightful boys, bubble wrap, and steam cleaners

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Date: 21 September 2006 23:44:43

Yes (see comments previously) I am a very lucky girl and he is a lovely man who looks after me very well. It does take a little while to adapt from being completely independent to having someone want to look after you and do things for you ... but I'm adapting :) He's a joy.

We have nearly finished the packing, and I move into the housesitting 'palace' tonight - yay!!!! Mr Tasmania and a strong mate are going to move my enormous entertainment unit - it was not bought with moving in mind :) - tonight and I will do the final vacuum after we've ferried the stuff I have to keep with me for the next few months over to the palace ... and then it's up early early early Saturday to pick up a steam cleaner from woolies, tip the boy out at the golf course, then off to steam clean, final clean of bathroom, final spot clean of walls (who knew candles would leave such dark marks?), and a final clean of the pool and then I"m done, it's over, I'm gone ... 5 weeks short of 4 years.

It's been a good house ... I've had some interesting housemates, to say the least, and I'm very very tired of playing mum to 3 out of 5 of this lot, but I'm looking forward to new challenges, my new home in TAssie, and actually just being friends with my housemates, not endlessly frustrated :)