of cold feet

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Date: 27 August 2008 09:18:15

only because I, with GREAT dedication to the dog, put myself up to my knees in the ocean this evening. Mr Tasmania is in HObart, so I came home from work a bit early to walk JD in the daylight. He's cut his pads a little on the cutty grass in the backyard, so I thought a bit of salt water would be good. He usually charges in but wasn't hugely keen tonight, so I rolled up the jeans and in we went.

I'm not happy going into water when it's colder than the cold air temp! It was about 15deg C .. and the water must have been only 13 or less! Not happy!

I would not willingly do that for many people, so I guess I love the dog. Oh, emergency situations are excepted of course ... I would put aside all thoughts of hypothermia and fling myself into the waters to rescue someone! And I wouldn't even wait until they were going down for the third time!