Of moving and Tasmanians

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Date: 25 September 2006 23:46:45

So, 12 days with my boy, they've been wonderful, far too short but still absolutely great!, we've done lots, talked lots, and just spent time together .... and now I've packed up, steam cleaned, put the final bit of sticky tape on boxes and left my abode of almost 4 years.

My stuff doesn't head down to Tassie until 2nd week of October (unless the removalist calls me today and says he has room tomorrow) so it's still in the garage ... but I'm gone :)

I'm housesitting now in a beautiful large quiet house very near Curl Curl beach ... it's lovely! Luckily I had two days with Mr Tasmania there so he had an opportunity to see where I'm staying ... he especially enjoyed the large flatscreen TV and Foxtel!!!

Anyway ... he's gone back to the cold of Tassie and I'm working away like a maniac as we prepare the office to move (again) this weekend. I also have an eye test Saturday am and another wedding dress fitting Saturday pm so it's going to be busy! But then it's off down to the parents place for the long weekend. The entire family will be there and it's job on for a cleanup as my parents have had their new renovation plans approved, finally, by the Whingy Council, slowest council in the known universe.

It will be a very busy but very enjoyable weekend :)

I've just worked out that I will see Mr Tasmania for approximately 4.5 days before we get married in December ... it's almost medaeival!