of a moratorium on packing and delightful new subjects

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Date: 29 September 2006 07:49:14

I'm over it, I'm sure you are too, so (unless it's a completely shocking day) that's it, no more talking about packing anything!

On a lighter note, I have just finished a weeklong pasta fest .... the cafe we frequent (near work) has had as a special this week spaghetti boscaiola and penne carbonara ... sometimes you just have to give in ... I reckon 5 days of it will see me through to at least March 07 though, so that's okay :)

It's nearly mid-Spring now, so the urge to make big beautiful cous cous salads, green salads, roast vegie salads is almost overwhelming - yay!

My boy is a Caesar salad sans dressing fiend ... I'm a lover of them too but need a little bit of dressing - mmmm creamy garlickness, yummo! What's your favourite salad?

Personally I love a really good egg bacon and potato salad ... but I only make it for spesh as it's incredibly fattening (that'd be the sour cream dressing!) .... how about you?