of birthdays, country days and lamb roasts

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Date: 01 October 2006 12:20:16

I have just realised that it's almost my one year blogoversary :) I know it's a cliche but time has really flown!
I must think of some way to mark the occasion.

It is almost my own personal birthday too .... unfortunately I will not be seeing Mr Tasmania on the day, but I will be in Tassie a week later to celebrate his brother's wedding so we will celebrate then :). In the meantime, the family is having a little afternoon tea at the BroBoss's domicile ... nice :)

To prove a point made earlier in this blog ... I will be turning 36 :)

I am in the country again ... as has been the whole family ... hence the lamb roast for lunch (and leftovers for dinner) ... tomorrow being a long weekend (Queen's birthday ... i know, don't ask) we will be hard at work doing work for dad so work can commence asap on the new extensions (remember the termite disaster of June/July/August?) .. hooray! AT this rate they will be finished for Christmas (not to mention the wedding).