of age, woodpiles, and petunias

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Date: 02 October 2006 12:09:13

firstly a hello to my love, Mr Tasmania, who is currently 1200km's away and 1 hour ahead of me. Tasmania commences daylight savings time on 01/10 (that's 1 October to any US readers - sorry, we do it the other way round!) a month earlier than New South Wales (where I am). So, it's 9:05pm here and 10:05pm there ... LOVE that I will get more DST a year, love it!!!

Yes, Jack, 36 is young ... sometimes VERY young :), occasionally very old, but mostly just happy :)

I have planted out approximately 60 petunias today, in preparation for the wedding - hopefully they will flower on time :) - i will buy flowering ones if I have to but these are cheaper!

the BroBoss and SuperDad and I spent the afternoon sorting through the enormous pile of rubble left after the flat was pulled down - sorting good wood from that which the termites et! the 'et' wood will be chopped/pulled apart and used in the woodstove ... the rest can be used by the builders or SUperDAD - conservation in action!