Of unusual names

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Date: 04 October 2006 08:15:12

There is a dentist in Mosman named Doctor Fang. Seriously.

People have asked me how I feel about changing my 9 letter ethnic surname (easiest Croatian name in the WORLD - spell it like you say it baby!) to a very very plain and easy fully Anglo surname ....

My answer is no, in a word :)

I like my ethnic surname, I love what it represents, I love the history of it (as much as I know) BUT I have not one single problem changing to Mr Tasmania's surname for a variety of reasons ...

There used to be only one Mrs -------na and one Miss -------na ... me and mum - now there is ChiliGirl, The Amazon, and The Marshall's Deputy so I'm no long unique :)

I have large loopy handwriting ... it will be LOVELY to be able to fit my signature onto a credit card docket. Actually, to fit it onto anything!

I will not have to spell it out. To everyone. Even other Croatians! (what people would have done with mum's German surname I have NO idea!)

Mr Tasmania, gorgeous boy that he is, said he was perfectly happy if I wanted to keep it and not take his name ... just no hyphenating ... lovely boy. I said don't be ridiculous.

It's nice and Biblical in so many ways and I love it. (PS don't ask me all the ways - my dad explained them all, he's the expert, it made perfect sense to me [I am capable of doing the research myself, truly, but he's an AWESOME Biblical scholar in my opinion and knows where all the answers are so I'd rather ask him], if you really need to know I'll get him to write down his reasons and post it another time)

Only 10.5 weeks, 73 sleeps and I'll be finding out how it feels to be Mrs ----h ... can't wait :)