Of removalists and Singing Semele the Superstar!

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Date: 09 October 2006 08:36:27

The removalist is coming on Wednesday, I am SO excited! I left my former abode on 23 Sept, so my stuff has been sitting in the garage there for 2 weeks now. I've been really anxious for it to go, not for any negative reasons on behalf of the girls, merely 'cause it means that part of my life is officially finished ... and I'm one complete step closer to my boy :)

So .. once it's gone ... I've got 3 weeks housesitting left, 6 weeks shuttling between the BroBoss' house and my parents place in the country and then that's it ... 16 December is a go! ... 68 sleeps

Very very excited girly!

As is Miss Superstar Singing Semele! Who didn't make it through in Operatunity but got a go on the first episode and is on the website - too cool! And I think she sounds faaaabuuulllooooouuussss!!! Well done Semele, you rock (or not, as the opera singer chooses!)