Are you wearing sunscreen ... and have you had your breasts checked?

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Date: 13 October 2006 00:37:26

this includes you boys!

yes, the b-word on a christian blog ... well, we've all got 'em and we can all get the big C in 'em! Men are only about 2% of breast cancer cases but more often fatal as the symptoms are ignored ... so read up boyos, it's good to be informed!

Do you have your 30+ sunscreen on?

why a rant about sunscreen and breast cancer?

1 I'm an Aussie, we have SHOCKING rates of skin cancer ... and it's a hot stinky sunny melanoma breeding day!
2 A friend has had a family member diagnosed with the Big B, another friend has had it, another friends' mum has had it ... I'm very blessed that no one in my family has had it but that makes us statistically unusual, NOT the norm.
3 It's breast cancer awareness month in Oz
4 why not? I rant about everything else :)