Of birthdays and lovely weekends and walking shoes

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Date: 16 October 2006 00:33:43

I received a gorgeous bunch of fuchsia tulips and white lilies in the office on Friday afternoon - my gorgeous boy is too good :)

Evidence of this? On Saturday, my birthday, I went across the driveway to Broboss central to say hello and have a cuppa ... and received a beautiful gift from my boy, who was 1200km's away in Tasmania. He'd bought it while he was up here on holidays and given it to ChileGirl to keep for me on the day, as we knew he wouldn't be up here for my birthday. It's a gorgeous green and silver necklace on a thin wire strand ... a green squared off oval (jade) with a silver oval hanging inside it ... perfect!

I can't wait until this weekend, when I head off to Tassie for his brother's wedding :) .... it will have only been 4 weeks since we've seen each other, which I guess doesn't sound like a lot ... but when you've spent most of your relationship 1200km's apart each day seems to get longer! Ah well, only 61 sleeps to go and I won't have to worry anymore :)

It was a 38C day on Saturday ... changing to a 20C day on Sunday - welcome to Sydney in a globally warming Spring! Still, a good day - and arvo tea with the fam, including dad's oldest sister, was great!

And I spent my birthday money on new walking sneakers (proper walking, not casually wandering about!), a bra ('cause all us girls ALWAYS need a new bra, doesn't matter how many we've got), and part of an answering machine. The other part was paid for with a gift card we received as an engagement present. Very satisfying!

It was great having the fam around, my nephews are old enough to understand birthdays and my niece is SO cute! I will miss them very much ... but my boy is totally worth it :)