of lack of rain and misunderstandings

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Date: 17 October 2006 03:19:13

My mother informed me this morning that they have received, as of 8am today 17/10/06, 2mm of rain in the last 35 days.

I read a comment on a blog in the Sydney Morning Herald that basically said farmers are all whingers and moaners, if they can't take the heat get out of the kitchen, and if their business are failing due to the drought then maybe they shouldn't be farmers.

I'm finding it a little hard to understand that someone could actually be that dumb.

Um ... no rain = no crops = no food ... what's not to understand?

The bit I really liked was his comment that they obviously are making enough money as all their kids are in boarding school ...

I really wouldn't know what to say to someone like that ... and I guess my very basic reaction of just wanting to belt them probably wouldn't achieve much either. I guess the only solution is to encourage city people to get out of the city (and their own backsides!) and chug on out to the country and see what life is really truly like on a farm in a drought - and by country I don't mean the southern highlands or the hunter valley - I mean Coonabarabran, or Mudgee, or Orange, or anywhere more than an hour's drive West of Sydney! (sorry to those non-Aussies who have no idea where I'm talking about).

I know I'm not really country, if you get right down to it, but I'm country enough to have grown up with only tank water (ie if there's no rain that means no water in the tank that means you don't wash or drink) and a septic tank (that means no sewerage system, just a big tank in the ground) and a wood stove (which means in a blackout you can still cook - yay! and heat the water for the bath/shower you may not be able to have 'cause there's no rain so no water in the tank so no washing ... can you see the endless loop happening here?)

I just don't understand some people I guess.