Of leaving on a jet plane

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Date: 20 October 2006 00:49:16

yep, I'm off to Tassie in less than 5 hours! Yippee! It's only for two days but hey, that's two days with my boy ... I can't quite believe that, after this weekend, we only have 54 sleeps until we get married! And in that time we will see each other for five days - weird huh!

ah well, he's worth it, he's totally worth it :) ... and I'm so excited to see him tonight ... his nephew is picking me up at the airport and taking me to the Casino in Launceston, to meet him (long story) so it'll be nice to see Whiff as well ... and check out the Casino! Not my usual hang but hey, I"m still most definitely a Tasmanian tourist :)

See you next Tuesday!