Of weddings and jobs and blessings in abundance

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Date: 23 October 2006 23:21:34

Well, it's been a big couple of days! On Friday pm I flew down to Tassie for the weekend. Mr Tasmania's oldest brother (or one of them ... he has twins as eldest siblings) was getting married on Saturday night and, as I mentioned before, I had a job interview on Sunday am.

Well ... we ran around and did a lot on Saturday, as well as having some time (not enough!) to ourselves, and the wedding was beautiful! I had bought Mr Tasmania a new tie to go with my outfit and he looked fantastic :) ... it's been 10 years at least since I've tied a tie but I gave it a go ... wasn't too bad, will have to practice on dad this coming weekend - he wore a tie every day of his working life as a teacher so he's go the old tie knot thing down! I used to be good but .... I guess it wasn't too bad .... I can do better though :)

The loveliest thing about the whole ceremony - which was beautiful by the way, and a very very happy bride and groom! - was that, when the time came for the bride to throw the bouquet to all the single girls in the room the fix was revealed! I had been thinking that I wouldn't be getting up this time, as it's the first wedding I've been to since becoming engaged, so no longer a single girly .... but I was wrong! It was rigged :) so that the bride would only be throwing the bouquet to one person - me! She said she was passing the baton to the next family bride :) ... isn't that sweet!

It was just lovely, really made me feel I was part of the family and they were happy to have me - not that I haven't felt that before, but it was a lovely thing.

So ... the job interview Sunday am went well ... very well in fact, and I am now gainfully employed (or will be once I send the forms back) as a PA to a Politician .... I'm STILL a little bit gobsmacked though nobody else seems to be .... I was feeling very relaxed about it, now I feel a little bit of pressure :) to prove that I'm as good as they all seem to think I am! Ah well, a new challenge, in a VERY interesting area, and on the same wage as I'm earning now, which is awesome. I also get to travel to Canberra a few times a year, which means I get to go see the parents on the government - yay!

It's a highly confidential job area, so it's probably going to be an absolute no go in terms of the wiblog .... but I should be able to let you know how it's going in some ways!

Honestly, I'm still flabbergasted that I got a job! I know I shouldn't be, God has blessed this relationship from day 1 and everything really is working out so well it can only be God's hand on it all ... but even so, it's amazing - and I know Mr Tasmania is still gobsmacked as well :)

Only 53 days - and they're going to be very very very busy days - yikes!