of happiness

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Date: 28 August 2008 21:43:29

on the up side (not that fire warden training is really a bad side, I get half a day off work, and I'm taking the other half off so ...) Mr Tasmania gets home this afternoon.

Oddly enough, even though I've been absolutely fine without him (as I should, having lived by myself for quite a few years!), not displaying any of my usual stress symptoms (to wit ... general snappiness and / or forgetfulness) I have found out that I was stressed .. the day he left my lip came up in an enormous bruise/welt/bite mark - and no, he didn't do it! I'd dug my teeth in during the night apparently ... have done it on the odd occasion before but nothing to this extent. Poor old lip ... now got the gel on it trying to stop it turning into a nasty ... looks a bit urky but not paper bag time thankfully.

Isn't it amazing how, even when you think you're fine with stuff, the body and subconscious find little ways to tell you you're not.