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Date: 27 October 2006 00:32:19

My parents have not got good television reception at the moment, which is driving Mr Tasmania mental. For the best of reasons ... he's frustrated that at the end of a busy day they can't even sit down and watch the news! (the TV aerial was on the previously mentioned ex-granny flat).

The BroBoss was also sick of it, and wanted to watch Operatunity, so cracked it and went and bought a booster last weekend. They can now see the ABC fairly well, and everything else through a snowstorm ... only a storm, not a blizzard, so it's 'watchable' ... but only if you're determined!

Orthodox Ian mentioned a couple of movies - Wordplay and Spellbound - which sound interesting. I went and saw Little Miss Sunshine the other day - and actually laughed 'til I cried! It's a great movie, very funny, quite poignant, great story, but the kicker for me was the Kombi! I great up with a blue Kombi Van ... we all had a love hate relationship with it ... and the person who wrote the script for this movie HAD to have grown up with one too, it was so spot on!

I mean, all you have to do is say 'clutch cable' to someone who great up with a Kombi Van and you have instant solidarity!

My brother is SO excited to go and see it since I've told him about it ... and the parents went and left a message for me "still laughing".

Truly, if you grew up with Kombi vans, go see it, you'll LOVE it!