of bushfires and Angels

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Date: 29 October 2006 22:06:24

There is a large bushfire burning to the south west of Sydney. It's not actually a danger to anyone at this point, although it covers 3000 hectares, because it's in inaccessible bushland ie no one lives there. Well, no people - hard luck on the natives, but then most natives are fire savvy enough to get out of the way of this kind of fire, which is slow moving - it's the wildfires that kill them - so it'll only the very old, very young or very sick that get caught out - sad, but that's nature for you. (not hard hearted, just grew up on a farm, and a bush farm at that - pragmatic really, otherwise you'd be in tears over every chicken, goat, horse, dog, cat, bird etc)

Anyway, they've been winching firefighters in to get a controlled burn happening, as apparently there's a possibility that the ashes etc could block the filtration system of Sydney's water supply - who needs terrorists eh! So, we could very suddenly have no water at all and sunny Sydney could rapidly become Stinky Sydney :)

On the up side, the sunrise this morning (as I drove up from the parents place) was AWESOME - massive, red ball, burning through the smoke from the fire.

the Angel has given me good news re her mum. You might remember she had massive invasive surgery for eosophagal and stomach cancer about 8 weeks ago (was told earlier in the year she wouldn't make it to Christmas, with OR without surgery). She's been told that she has been downgraded from incurable to curable, which is an answer to many many prayers. She has chemo and radiotherapy to get through (11 weeks in total - yuk!!!!) and a difficult life from now on in terms of eating etc BUT she's alive and her three daughters and husband are very very thankful.

Thank you to all who prayed for her and continue to keep her in your thoughts :) - the Angel was overcome to know that people as far away as Wales and the US were prayer for her mum.