of preparing to leave and new employees

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Date: 01 November 2006 01:12:32

not much to report today - except that I have to sit down this afternoon and sift through the applications for my job.

There are some entertaining people who won't be getting a look in - it's a PA/Admin type job - I've had accountancy students apply (obviously told to apply for everything and didn't read the ad!). The woman who had 9 spelling mistakes in her cover email is not getting the job! (I'm tempted to send her an email and tell her why - what do you think?) lest you think I'm being discriminatory to those who can't spell, spellchecking is part of my job - and I've read her resume and she won't do :)

With two office moves in 3 months it's put me massively behind in a lot of areas, which means I'm not really prepared for someone to come in and take over my (once was) organised office! I've spent the last two days head down catching up - and I think I'm nearly there. The plan is not to be shamed when the new person can't find a thing!!!!!!