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Date: 02 September 2008 08:40:35

had the day off work - headache yukky tum, feeling lots better now, wasn't a repeat of the nasties of the earlier part of the year, thank you GOD!

have changed the flannelete sheets to cotton - that must mean it's officially Spring .. though I'm pretty sure we're going to wince when we hit cold cotton tonight!

three more sleeps until holidays ... onto the big flying bird and off to mum and dad's (it's a secret from the siblings and I still haven't let it slip - amazing!)

it's been raining, a lot - over 2 inches since Saturday night ... and that's with no rain Sunday night ... kinda over it, still

I'm catching up - actually transferred some recipes from scraps of paper to the recipe book today - only two, but it's a start.

that's about it I think

oh, husband is off taking moulting dog for a big run - and it's still daylight - counting down until daylight savings starts but just happy to have daylight at 5:30pm at the moment, after a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg dark Winter ... I know not as dark and cold as other parts of the world but remember, it's all relative ... and we did officially have a cold Winter in Australia :)