of cleanliness and great steak

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Date: 02 November 2006 03:04:17

The items below did actually make it to an email to the office in general ... and the kitchen has been oddly clean ever since ... ;)

Mr Tasmania is a lovely clean person - hooray! I'm messy but not grotty ... and I do clean up fairly regularly (hopefully before it sends people mental) so I think we'll manage okay :)

He does have a minor dust problem, now I come to think of it, which will shortly be solved I'd imagine by his realisation that my gorgeous Dyson vacuum cleaner is currently reposing in his parents double garage and available for use. He may have no carpet after using it, the 'suck' is unbelievable!!!

The 'office' went to the Hotel Mosman for lunch today, just because. The hotel Mosman is commonly referred to as the Homo ...

anyhoo the 300g porterhouse steak was delicious but ultimately defeated me ... my ideal portion for steak (being very definitely carnivorous) is about 220 - 250g.