of rain - yay!

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Date: 05 November 2006 21:42:31

It's been raining in Sydney ... which is nice, cleans things up (though the whole town smelled like dissolving bird droppings on Friday - blarg), but not particularly useful in terms of filling Warragamba Dam or helping out anyone who actually needs rain to keep their livelihood going ie farmers!


It has been raining elsewhere as well - including the catchment area for the Dam - so that's awesome! My parents farm had light rain on Saturday, which not only softened the ground a little but was light enough that the builders could still come and do their thing. On Sunday (when the builder was riding his bike in the Sydney to the Gong [that'd be Wollongong] bike ride) it gradually became heavier all day unti it settled in to gentle but solid rain, which went all night. It amounted to about 20mm over the weekend, which may not sound like much (and isn't really) but when you consider they'd had 3mm for the preceding 48 days it's not bad!!!

I'm taking it as a sign of things to come :) ... apparently there is supposed to be rain until Friday ... which is great, because it's all hands on deck on Saturday to put the roof trusses up!

Mr Tasmania has spent the weekend (as is still doing so, as it's a long weekend in his part of Tasmania) away at a family 'shack' on a river which is accessible by boat or a long four wheel drive journey. He's down there with about 12 of his mates having the boys weekend - I told him I'm okay with him coming back purple but I really prefer in one piece :)

I'm not really worried about it, they're all good men and 'fairly' sensible :) ... which is not to say they won't drink a heck of a lot of beer and do some silly stuff ... I'm sure I won't get told everything that went on :)

I'm looking forward to talking to him tonight though! There's very minimal mobile coverage there so I've had once very quick phonecall on someones sat phone and a little sms yesterday - which is great - but not quite the same! Longest time we've gone without talking .... and as you will know if you've read previous posts, when you're 1200km's apart talking is very very important!

so, we're on the countdown well and truly now ... only 40 sleeps ... under 6 weeks!!!!