of good friends

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Date: 06 November 2006 03:52:34

Just had early lunch with my mate Curly Dancer ... she's a complete loon, talks at a million miles an hour, skinny, hyperactive, bright blue eyes, maniac, and gorgeous. Deeleea will know EXACTLY who I'm talking about!

A good catchup though I've had so much coffee today I've totally got the jitters!

I'm trying to catch up with people but my days just keep getting filled up! Not to mention the lack of money - ah well, I'll get there, one person at a time!

Was great to have a chat with the Dancer, she's a lot of fun and totally into getting out and experiencing things - sometimes to her detriment! But she is learning to appreciate the joys of stillness and relaxation ... she's finding it hard but she's learning to just sit .... I found that idea of her sitting still very funny 'cause I've never seen her do it!