of boys weekends and 39 sleeps

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Date: 06 November 2006 22:06:18

no really, I'm not going to give you a countdown (probably) that would be too annoying :) .... though I'm excited about it!!!

Mr Tasmania had a fabulous boys weekend away, and didn't come back with his head shaved or dyed purple (only a bit of sunburn) so I'm pretty happy about that! I missed him though, heaps!

Had a beautiful walk this morning down to the beach near the BroBoss's house (my current abode) ... watching the sun come up over the ocean (red) ... gorgeous! Have to take advantage of it as they're (we're) moving in 3 weeks ... same area but further back from the beach - a house though, not an apartment, so instead of the couch for the last few weeks I'll have a room to myself! Yay!

It was good this morning, 'cause I went for the walk then came back and looked after my nephew (or he watched a DVD, I read a comic!) while his dad went for a run and his mum could stay in bed. She's been getting a little tetchy lately (6.5 months preggers) as she's overtired so any time extra in bed is a bonus for all of us!